About Me

My name is Vincent D’Andrea and I graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014. I grew up in Winchester, MA and I attended Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. I am a lifelong Red Sox fan and I have been fascinated with numbers and statistics ever since I laid eyes on my first baseball card (a 1990 Upper Deck Ben McDonald rookie card). Here’s a rough tally of my baseball statistics: I own about 25,000 baseball cards, 3,000 autographs from MLB players, 200 used ticket stubs from Fenway Park, 1 trustworthy NewEra Sox cap, and countless strong opinions on anything related to baseball.

I initially called my blog Dave Roberts’ Dive in order to poke holes in the idea that statistical analysis is the end-all, be-all in player evaluation. What if Roberts had tripped in his fateful scamper during the 2004 ALCS? What if the pressure had gotten to him at that very instant, preventing him from scoring the go-ahead run? There are so many intangible aspects to the beloved game of baseball, and I hope to consider them just as much a the stats I cite in my posts. As the blog has progressed, I’ve focused on other topics (some relating to baseball and some not), and the title “Dave Roberts’ Dive” has taken on even more meaning. With that said, take a moment to re-live Roberts’ legendary swipe, and take some time to browse around the blog!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Vince,

    I would like to introduce myself Alex Smith. I am the founder of a new baseball website http://www.battingleadoff.com. The purpose of Batting Leadoff is to provide readers with premium baseball content and to give individuals a space to showcase their knowledge of the game to professional personnel. Our site has only been live for 4 days but has received over 2,000 clicks. Additionally we’ve received support from established brands like Strat-O-Matic, Perfect Game, the Ivy Sports Symposium, and the Futures Collegiate Baseball League. I’ve read some of your work and feel like you could be a strong contributor to our site. I’ve attached links to some of our articles below and I encourage you to browse more of our content online. If you are interested please send me an e-mail at battingleadoff1@gmail.com.




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